Crows Over the Dales

The Way I see it, by Ricaek.

Gary, Ophedes the rogue
Simon, Horace the cleric
Richard, Ricaek the fighter
Leah, Cora the sorceress

Start out in the town of Feather Falls Located in the “Dalelands”. The group is visited from Borden, head farmer of the hamlet of Thistle. His village has been ravaged by a plague, and the crops are in disarray. Local goblins have claimed responsibility for the plague. Said goblins are now demanding ransom. The goblin leader known as Belig schedules a delivery of demanded goods. The Barron of Feather Falls, Barren Wildhurst offers to send the party on quest to deliver goods and stop the plague. That night he takes the party aside and in private asks them to investigate a Storehouse that is nearby the ravaged hamlet of Thistle. He claims he was sent to destroy that storehouse many years ago but failed to complete his mission. He leaves the party with his signet ring which is the key to the storehouse. The party gets ready and travels the next day to Thistle. No events on the way despite rigorous planning for possible raids. Adventuring party arrives at the hamlet of thistle. Animals and people are visibly sick, it would seem they are afflicted with an unknown disease. After some investigation it was determined that the food and water sources were to blame for the disease as there condition was poor. The cleric Horace purifies food and water for the people while the sorceress Cora impresses people with her magical skills. Eventually they head out again with the squire Jern to deliver the goods to Belig the goblin. After dropping off the supplies/goods and observing where the goblins went they split and track the goblins back to camp. Once approaching the camp they find it being attacked by murk dwellers with a taste for blood. After beating back the murk dwellers and capturing the goblin leader they interrogate him. He reveals that he is working for some agency that is stationed out of the area of interest the Barren was discussing. After a day of rest and regrouping the party heads out to that mysterious landmark.

Muck raking and a bad day.

The party arrived at Thistle and dispensed the supplies to the sickened town. Squire Jern was grateful for the Baron’s help, and for the protection that the PC’s afforded the wagon as it made its way to Thistle. Horace administered what healing he could while Cara threw some magic tricks about. The next day, Squire Jern was scheduled to give Belig the Brute his weekly tribute and asked the party to take care of the belligerent goblin.

The PC’s went with the Squire and stood by as Belig and his gang made off with four bags of loot, with Ophedes quietly stalking him. A small ways away the group of goblins fell into a pit trap, between a few hills and the first battle of the game was on!

A tribe of muckdwellers had dug out a pit, noticing that a goblin would always come this way, about once a week with bags of food and other stuff and so wanted to waylay them. The PC’s saw this wanted to get the loot back as well. Muckdwellers are incredibly hard to hit but not very hardy and went down with one hit, once hit. Belig was also having an incredibly bad day. He fell into the pit, scrambled out, was greased and slipped back in, scrambled out, was shot in the leg, and fell back in, and finally was able to sneak away, while the rest of the party was dealing with the remaining muckdwellers. He was finally tracked down not to far away in a small thicket, licking his wounds, but was quickly subdued and brought back to Thistle for some frontier justice. The group took a rest overnight, celebrating their victory, but knowing that it was not the end of their journey. Early in the morning they set out…

We faded out the session as the heroes pushed aside the vines covering the opening to the redoubt and walked into the gloom beyond.

First Foray into the Forgotten Realms

Baron Wildhurst takes another long swig of his fortified wine. The fine vintage was brought in from Shadow Dale. It’s complexity was lost on the man who himself was lost in thought. How did it come to this? What could he have done differently? A lot, apparently.

His brothers death… Thats not on his hands is it? He had caused many a mans death, to be sure, but did he bring about his brothers demise? It had seemed like an accident, and he had a lot of things going on that he couldn’t really think about it sixteen years ago.

But now, sitting with the crown in his hand, and the invitation on his desk, it seems to make sense. The House of the Circlet tutored him on the finer points of diplomacy and manipulation. He seemed to have good fortune whenever making business deals. Where was that place he was sent to burn? “I wonder if there’s anything left there…” he mumbles to himself. He can’t go, they’d know. Who to send then?

Rice Fletcher, the studious dwarf. He owes me a favor, he muses, and he knows how to keep a secret. Good.

Cara the Sorcerer. She’s too canny by half. She’s looking for adventure, and I think this may suit her well.

Ophedes the sneak. I only just put him in the stocks. The little punk was trying to sink cargo that was waiting to be unloaded off the high docks. I could let him free if he did this thing for me. Short leash though, and make sure that he doesn’t try to pocket anything.

Finally, Horace, my friend. The House wanted me to groom him the same way they groomed me. Is he my replacement? Well, at least he can know the truth. Who he really serves.

No, if I send them, they’ll be followed. But wasn’t Thistle having issues with sickness? Baron, Boron? Borden, yes. Borden was in yesterday to tell me Thistle was sick. And Thistle is just a stones throw from the redoubt. I can use that as a cover and they can get me the answers I seek.

Well, I’ll have them sent for tomorrow and make the introductions. Now though, I need more wine.

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