Crows Over the Dales

Need a Good Filler/Change Over

Alright, this is just a filler before I get to writing a good story about how the group all changed up. I’m hoping to write something about how Cara, Rice, Horace, and Ophedes are walking up to the the Green Daggers hide out and how stuff keeps changing subtley and then more progressively into everyone changed and nothing is the same.

Out of character, the player that played Cara moved away for an awesome job oppurtuinity. Horace’s player had a summer job that kept him from playing, and we just kept game night going with board games until school started again.

When we did get the game going again, we added two new players and everyone wanted to re roll characters. So Horace turned into a Druid. Rice turned into a elf monk. Ophedes turned into a ranger? And Cara was replaced by an 1/2 orc monk and a Cleric of Tempus. I’m picturing the same actors, just different costumes.

Anyways, that’s the long break between May and October. And the complete change in line up.


Bunk283 Bunk283

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