Crows Over the Dales

If burning persists for more than three days, consult a physician.

We found the party sociopath.

From pitch blackness comes a point of light, then two, growing brighter… The light resolves itself to be coming from the torch and the light spell cast by Horace. The adventurers (they need a good party name) descend into the abandoned depot, through a small corridor into a trashed kitchen area. Warm coals still sit in one of the hearths. The depot is not abandoned after all…

Who’s snooping around the kitchen, thinks Bilik. Probably Belig, he went to raid more supplies from Thistle. I better hide, though, him and his gang are worse than Krig and I don’t want to lug in all their stuff like last time. Peeking out from under the table, he sees, not Belig, but some strange gnome… and a dwarf. Now, he better be still, they’re probably here because of Belig! Damnable grobnobber brought back gnomes and dwarves to wipe out the goblins. Don’t move, and they wont see you.

Ah, good their gone, but now Thar, Mugs, and Gammy are getting the snot beat out of them. HA! Serves them right, because they never let you play Orcbones with them. Bilik, you’re too good at Orcbones, that and you cheat, but everyone cheats. Shh, they’re coming back with Thar, Mugs and Gammy and taking them outside. Nows your chance to tell the boss we’ve got problems….

“Merse! We’ve got invaders!” Bilik shouts as he runs past the pit where Merse is busily slopping lizard meat to the many goblin runts she has nipping about her. Merse nods and goes over to her sleeping pad to grab her elfskewer and jar of venom. Damn invaders will have to go through her to get to the runts.

Bilik, runs to the back room, where Krig is holed up with all his treasures. He says he can read, but Bilik doubts that. He’s got a book in his hands as Bilik runs in. “In. Vade. Ers.” Bilik pants, making one word into three.

Krig, throws his book down, papers coming undone from the bindings. “Mumk, Nubs, and Kebs you three in the front. I’m going to stabstab from behind. We’ll take this grobs just like we got those gobbos from Snakehole.”

Tense moments tick by. Bilik is hiding behind the throne, Krigs mostly forgotten about him. Every so often they hear a yell or a scream, then silence. Voices from behind the door, not high pitched goblin voices. No, deep man voices, reedy, gnome voices. Silence. Mumk and Nubs ready throwsticks, the room is quiet, tense, somethings about to…

The door swings open, a jovial gnome, tries to dodge the throwsticks, but there’s a woman behind them further into the common room. She’s a squishier target, I may stab her. But there’s a human, in metal armor. Damn it will be hard to get by him without getting beaned. Kebs goes to the door to block more invaders coming in and gets yanked out by his ears by a dwarf. That’s uncalled for thinks Bilik. The floor becomes as slick as a the mudshoot after the rains. Bilik starts to slide to the side, where the books have sopped up a little of the grease that now covers most of the throne room.

From the doorway, a small red container floats through the air. Time almost slows as the vial heads straight towards Bilik. Why are they throwing bottles now? Then all is fire and flame. As he rolls on the ground to put the fire out more grease coats him. The fire burns all the brighter…

“Thistle is safe for as long as we’re here!” shouts Ophedes as he lifts his third glass of mead. “The goblins fled into the forests covered in their own excrement and leaderless!” Cheers from the few farmers, who are able to make it out of bed.
Riceak smiles and turns away, back to Squire Jern. “We found some books in that old depot. And a heap of goblins. We burned the former, and chased away the latter. If they give you any more trouble, send word, and we shall return.”

Horace turns to Cara, “But, what are we going to do about the book?” he says quietly. He looks pointedly at the satchel that holds the strange locked book. “Bring it back to the Baron, I think” Cara shrugs. “There’s definitely more to this than just a book.”


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