Crows Over the Dales

Getting down with the sickness

Daylin, how many days do you have left? the thoughts come again to his bored mind. His eyes burn every morning when he wakes up. His joints are starting to get stiff and sore. He knows he has caught the blinding sickness, and hopes that he can make enough money to get out of this hell hole once and for all.
He needs to get out of this city. It’s rotting from the inside out and it’s taking him with it. He’s got a few silver in his pocket, but that’s all. Spent the last of it two days ago whoring at the Singing Siren. What’s the need of money if you’re just going to die anyways. There IS that pouch of emeralds he helped steal from that Sembian fop! Those are probably worth a good 100 gold a piece and definitely a ticket out of here. They probably keep them up in the Seniors Barracks, but how to break in to it? He’d never been good with the key-tongs. If only Hored was awake, he’d be able to break into that room! Hored worked for the Zhents as a lockpick for a time before he got a better offer with the Green Daggers and switched sides, but he hasn’t moved since last Moonsday. He succumed to the blinding sickness very quickly, damned weak humans.

That cure that the Thayan brought better work. It tasted bad enough. Cyrathas was smart in sending Irontusk to do that job. I don’t think that any of us besides maybe Mrs. Gwyn would be up for a smash and grab. And if that stupid Halforc gets nabbed, he’s smart enough not to talk. And if not, well, he knew the Thayans had that enclave in the north side of town. He’d just have to rough a few of them up.

Although, that is in the Dancers territory. And he knew if any of the little buggers recognized him being on their turf, he’d be found floating in the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Shit. Someones at the front door… Maybe that Sembian fop coming to look for his lost sac. Well, he won’t be leaving alive. Sad and all for three small gems.


Bunk283 Bunk283

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