Crows Over the Dales

First Foray into the Forgotten Realms

Baron Wildhurst takes another long swig of his fortified wine. The fine vintage was brought in from Shadow Dale. It’s complexity was lost on the man who himself was lost in thought. How did it come to this? What could he have done differently? A lot, apparently.

His brothers death… Thats not on his hands is it? He had caused many a mans death, to be sure, but did he bring about his brothers demise? It had seemed like an accident, and he had a lot of things going on that he couldn’t really think about it sixteen years ago.

But now, sitting with the crown in his hand, and the invitation on his desk, it seems to make sense. The House of the Circlet tutored him on the finer points of diplomacy and manipulation. He seemed to have good fortune whenever making business deals. Where was that place he was sent to burn? “I wonder if there’s anything left there…” he mumbles to himself. He can’t go, they’d know. Who to send then?

Rice Fletcher, the studious dwarf. He owes me a favor, he muses, and he knows how to keep a secret. Good.

Cara the Sorcerer. She’s too canny by half. She’s looking for adventure, and I think this may suit her well.

Ophedes the sneak. I only just put him in the stocks. The little punk was trying to sink cargo that was waiting to be unloaded off the high docks. I could let him free if he did this thing for me. Short leash though, and make sure that he doesn’t try to pocket anything.

Finally, Horace, my friend. The House wanted me to groom him the same way they groomed me. Is he my replacement? Well, at least he can know the truth. Who he really serves.

No, if I send them, they’ll be followed. But wasn’t Thistle having issues with sickness? Baron, Boron? Borden, yes. Borden was in yesterday to tell me Thistle was sick. And Thistle is just a stones throw from the redoubt. I can use that as a cover and they can get me the answers I seek.

Well, I’ll have them sent for tomorrow and make the introductions. Now though, I need more wine.


Bunk283 Bunk283

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