Crows Over the Dales

Captain Jax, pear, roe.

Captains Log: 1372:9:18/1 It’s almost the autumn equinox. Finally able to load the candied pears and tuskfish roe on to the boat, but we’re still a little bit shy of making a profitable run. Scarsdale is a rough town, but I think we may be able to turn a good profit on the roe.

Captains Log: 1372:9:18/2 Late in the day I was approached by a dwarf heading downriver and looking for passage. I think I’ve seen him enter the Barons estate, so maybe he has the moons. He says his name is Riceak and he’s a trader. He also has three traveling companions. They look like they’re trying to be an adventurers. Ha. They’d probably melt if they got wet. Ah well, gold is gold. Too bad Scarsdale will eat em up and spit em out faster than a troll on a tuskfish.

Captains Log: 1372:9:19/1 Ships off. Cool Morning. No wind. 10 Barrels of candied pears: 500 gold paid. Selling price should be around 650-700 in port. 6 boxes of tuskfish roe tins packed in straw. Paid 1500 crowns. Should fetch at least 2500 crowns.
Cara – a sorcerer of some skill. Good performer. Gilly has taken a liking to her.
Riceak – Dwarf trader. Haggles well. They almost rode for free.
Horace – Lathanderite. I should ask him about that rash.
Ophedes – Gnome. He seems unhinged.

Captains Log: 1372:9:19/2 Evening approaches. No wind. Day was uneventful. Had crew do a man overboard drill. Gilly took a dip. He always fights it. Ha.

Captains Log: 1372:9:20/1 Light East wind. Night was uneventful. We should make Scardale Town by tomorrow morning. Passing Chandlerscorss. One Day Elle. One day, we’ll have a house there.

Captains Log: 1372:9:20/2 Gods I hate this river. Flood Troll clawed its way aboard. Thankfully, these wannabe adventurers have a little skill. Gilly damn near threw his short stabber to the dwarf after he barked at him. And that Cara! A few garbled words and a burst of colored light the toll was near helpless. It was good having them aboard, I did not want to hire on another Scardalian. They’re shiftier than those damn halflings. Troll jumped ship before we could finish her off. I’ll have to procure a couple acid vials for the trip back upriver.

Captains Log: 1372:9:21/1 Put into Kevlins dock. I know his boys only pilfer from docks that aren’t theirs. Sad to see Riceaks band head off though, all smiles. They don’t know what kind of town Scardale has become. I think I can find a good buyer for the pears at Scardale Provisions. If not, I’ll sell them to a captain from Tantras. I hope the Thayans still have their enclave outside of town. They will almost pay double for this roe.


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